Friday, December 06, 2013

Committing to Kindness

When I read today's Think Kit* prompt (How do you want to get involved in your community this year?), the first thing that came to mind is more random acts of kindness.

While that maybe doesn't sound all that organized or committed or big, I truly believe the small kindnesses that are spread across time make a huge impact on humanity. Kindness is very important to me. I daresay it's a core value. I like to believe that I live in a kind way. Most of the time. Still, I wish to more intentionally act in ways that are of benefit to others.

Besides being a nice sentiment, how do I get myself to act on committing more random acts of kindness in the midst of a not-so-atypical American-style self-absorbed busy life?

Wondering if there is an organization simply for kindness, off to Google I went. That's how I found the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube) and applied to be a RAKtivist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be accepted and excited to experience just what being a RAKtivist means. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation site says that "RAKtivists participate in fun and easy monthly 'Kindness Raids' in their own communities as well as the online community." The introvert in me is a little scared. The practitioner of compassion in me is ready.

*Think Kit is a kind manifestation of SmallBox. The blogging project "is a series of writing prompts intended to help people share stories online."

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shouldhavezagged said...

Do you know about The Sussy Project? Being a member of the Sussy Squad sounds right up your alley.