Post-Election Haze

I stayed up a little too late last night watching the election returns. As you might imagine, I'm pretty happy about what happened at the national level as the Democrats have taken control of the house. Now I hope they can make me proud. All I ask is that you do something. Stay out of trouble. If you make a bad joke, fix it right away.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard an interview with a journalist who had recently returned from Baghdad. He reported a number of interesting observations, the most mindnumbing of which being that in Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence, a preferred method of death by torture is by the use of electric drills. As I went about my day and heard chatter about how the war is a good thing, I couldn't keep the words and resulting images from my head. How is it good that we've ripped open the people of Iraq? How?

While I do not support our president or this war, I'm terribly happy to be living in the U.S. where I can earn a living that puts me in the upper financial echelon of the world. Where I have an abundance of choices. Where I can gripe and moan about politics all I want.