The Personality Project

It should be clear by now that I love personality assessments and the study of personality differences. So, during some surfing tonight, I ran across The Personality Project and clicked through the "'Big 5' personality test" link to find what appears to be a Northwestern University Department of Psychology study of basic dimensions of personality.

I had my usual indecisiveness on how to answer some of the questions - or rather how to rate myself on some of the statements. Still, the results were interesting. I haven't read thoroughly yet, but it seems that as a respondent, I am categorized with a gender and age based cohort. My scores were accompanied by an indication of my percentile within a group of women over 21.

The five areas scored were:
- Extraversion
- Agreeableness
- Conscientiousness
- Emotional Stability
- Openness

I scored high in agreeableness, emotional stability and openness; low in extraversion; and average on conscientiousness. For a complete picture of my results, go to this link.