Rebates will rescue the economy? Huh?

I was just talking with my husband this weekend about these tax rebates our federal government will be sending to all of us tax-paying citizens. I find it ludicrous that our government is borrowing from foreigners to give us cash to spend so that we'll all save our economy. There's something inherently wrong with that. Today I got an email newsletter in my inbox that lead me to this...

If you choose to not click through, that's fine. A few things the article said that I applaud:

Wake Up and Smell the Rebate

The United States Government is planning to send out rebate checks in the hope that American citizens will immediately spend the money to stimulate the economy, thus avoiding a recession.

Thanks for the gift Federal Government, but you are missing the point! We do not need to take out a big loan from a foreign lender so that we can go shopping willy-nilly to purchase products we probably do not need that were probably produced in a foreign country. (Whose economy will that stimulate?)

The United States cannot spend its way out of its financial difficulties. We do not need a short-term solution for long-term problems. We need fundamental, far-reaching change to a broken and corrupt system. The following are no longer sustainable:

* consumption as an economic solution,
* deficit spending,
* predatory lending,
* unaffordable health care,
* tax cuts for the wealthy, and
* war over oil and religious ideology.

It is difficult to imagine why anyone would help reinforce the behavior of a broken government or stimulate an out of control economy by purchasing more stuff and junk. It is time for us to do what our government cannot!