Archetype Wheel

Back in 2001 I picked up "Sacred Contracts" by Caroline Myss. I read about half of it until it got to the practical and highly detailed part - the work of determining the archetypes that represent my life's patterns and then casting them onto a wheel similar to an astrological natal chart. Several months (perhaps years) later I attended a weekend workshop by Caroline. I was inspired to pull that book back down. I did a little digging and came up with a somewhat lengthy list of archetypes. That Christmas, Steve gave me a deck of archetype cards. That made the task a little more fun, but nonetheless daunting. So, I put it all aside again. I probably pulled out the work again at least once within the last year or so, failing again to complete the task. Somehow, this weekend would be the weekend I finally cast that chart. I have a certain strange sense of pride knowing I followed through with narrowing that list down to eight (plus the four that we all have - Prostitute, Victim, Child and Saboteur) and going through the intuitive process to cast them all into the chart. Here it is, each house listed by its position on the wheel along with its archetype partner.

1. Ego, Personality - Prostitute
2. Life, Values - Victim
3. Self-Expression, Siblings - Addict
4. Home - Rebel
5. Creativity, Good Fortune - Magical Child
6. Occupation, Health - Healer (counselor)
7. Marriage, Relationships - Mother
8. Other People's Resources - Rescuer
9. Spirituality - Student
10. Highest Potential - Seeker
11. Relationship to World - Hermit
12. The Unconscious - Saboteur

Do remember, these are not literal. I've never been paid for sex and I don't live in a cave. Archetypes are universal symbols that symbolically represent patterns of behavior or energy. Carl Jung believed that the archetypes reside in the collective unconscious, that ethereal energy through which all people are connected. When you look at all the stories and myths created and told by mankind through the years, these archetypes show up time and again. We understand what they mean simply through their actions or even through their names. And, we see them in the lives of the people around us and through ourselves. Have you ever called someone "drama queen" or a "martyr?" You were identifying that person's archetypal energy.

In the next week (or years?) I will continue to work with these symbols and examine how I can foster growth and change in my life. Just like a student/seeker would do.