Serif Dawunderkat 1991-2008

Serif passed away today. She was living the high life until about six weeks ago when she started losing weight. She had been diagnosed with thyroid problems, but the medication wasn't helping. This past week we figured out it was lung cancer. So, today when we saw how much she was struggling, we had her euthanized.

She had come to Nealy Wilson Nealy in the spring of 1993, just months after we opened the business. Serif did short stints living at our home because of illness and then again when Mark C. (allergies) came to work with us. Renee brought her back to Nealy in 2005. And new management suggested she go home for good two years ago. She was a blast to have at home (except for those damn claws!). She continued to play viciously with Daphne, tip over cups of water and drool on unsuspecting guests. No one guessed even two months ago that she was a 17-year old cat.

On a personal note, as I'm taking another giant step away from the business-that-used-to-be-mine at the end of this coming week, Serif's death brings an auspicious ending to another chapter of my life.

I will very much miss Serif Dawunderkat.