The freaking loudest cricket I've ever heard is living in my kitchen under my fridge. It all started a few weeks ago when the "food" for our firebellied toads escaped their compound and attempted to take over the house. I thought, "aw, they'll die." Then I found one in my computer bag. And, in the last week it has sounded like one of those freaking nature sound CDs in my house.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

So today I told Cameron, "let's get that cricket!" We positioned ourselves accordingly. I pulled out the fridge and there it was – the biggest cricket I believe I've seen. Cameron even said, "um Mom, I'm not sure that's a cricket." Turns out those little tiny things that we feed the toads can get HUGE when they eat all the crap that ends up under the fridge between cleanings. So, Cameron caught the damned thing with a cup and piece of paper (even he was afraid to pick it up). And, then the dark thought crossed my mind - "hey, let's have fun with it. Let's watch the toads chase it around the aquarium." See, the cricket was a good 1.75 inches long and the toads are maybe about 2 inches long. Maybe.

So we did it. We dumped old Jimini in the toad tank. Hot Frog immediately jumped toward the cricket. He lunged. Chomp! He had about 1/4 of the cricket in his mouth. Two more gulps and Hot Frog looked like he was pregnant with quintuplets. (Gives new meaning to the old query, "where does he put it all?") He had only one little cricket foot hanging out of his mouth. Mmmmmm.

Immediately upon swallowing the last of the cricket I heard the distinctive "chirp, chirp, chirp" of a cricket. There's another one - or more - living under my fridge. Argh!!!!

Hope the toad twins can handle another Thankgiving dinner this week.