Wild Wild Weather

The weather around here has been nuts! Friday night we had a string of storms that produced heavy rains and sustained winds in a combined strength that I haven't seen since I have lived in this house (about 9 years). We have two river birch trees in our backyard and one of them took on a distinct "lean" after the storms (right). Also, several of our evergreens emerged with sickly tops (below).

The other "exciting" thing about Friday is that it was our daughter's 8th birthday and she had some friends over for a slumber party. The heavy rain killed our satellite signal halfway through the movie we had rented for the girls. So, they had little to take their minds off the lightning and sirens. Steve popped popcorn for them and explained the radar pictures of the weather. Somehow, understanding it helped them deal with it.

The winds that ravaged our house soon turned into a tornado that touched down on the east side of Indianapolis. Last night we had another round of nasty storms. This time the worst of it was a little farther south. Several tornadoes ripped through south-central Indiana destroying a lot of property, including a very old covered bridge that was said to be the longest double-arch covered bridge in the state.

So, all in all, birch tree and little girls screams aside, I think we've been pretty lucky with all this weather.