5 Personality / Identity / Introspection Tools

While I was going through some files this week, I found these resources for personality/identity/introspection - some fun, some informative. Enjoy!
  1. Dewey Color System Personal Profile Test A fun personality profiler based on color preferences.
  2. Recognizing the DiSC Profiles I've not been the biggest fan of DiSC. At least part of my dislike probably stems from misunderstanding. I found this site to give a good basic understanding that brought me along just a touch.
  3. Myss Library Gallery of Archetypes I love Jungian psychology. Caroline Myss has done extensive work with archetypes and offers this list of dozens of archetypes with descriptions and places in literature/entertainment where examples can be found.
  4. MyPersonality A site that has a simple "test" for a Myers-Briggs type personality profile and another for Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. It gives some decent information and even gives you the option to create a badge for other sites/blogs. See mine over there on the right below my profile.
  5. Center for Applications of Psychological Type Catalog Of course, I believe that none of these profiles should be done in a vacuum and that true understanding comes not from some combination of letters or what some "test" says, but by digging beneath to the information and ideas that underly the "results." I'm scheduled to attend CAPT's MBTI® qualifying training in October. They have a great catalog of books and tools.
Here's what I'm wondering: What do you think of these? Have others you'd like to share with me? Care to share results of any profiles?