Technology-Enabled Attention Help

I went to a blog conference, BlogIndiana, this weekend. After the first day, I had two learnings:
1. I'm not as stupid about this blogging stuff as I thought.
2. ADD/ADHD people can do amazing things.

I'm not as stupid about this blogging stuff as I thought.

Going in I considered myself a newbie. Sure I've had this blog set up for a few years, but I figure an average of a post a month doesn't make one an expert. After the first break out session, Blogging Basics, I've learned I'm a sort-of kind-of vet. Why do I make that assumption?
1. I knew the stuff. Still, I am grateful got to hear it from someone who said it with confidence. And he did a nice job. Wish he'd had a lot more time! Props to Chris Hardie. FYI: I still have a long way to go.
2. Twenty five people attended this session. Two people were using laptops and smart phones: me and the guy who was the next speaker. I was using Twitter while listening. Which brings me to...

ADD/ADHD people can do amazing things.

Back to point number 2 above. During all the other general and breakout sessions, a majority were taking notes using laptops, posting on their blogs, Twittering (better known as Tweeting. I think.), looking up information the speakers gave, texting people in and out of the conference, and on and on and on. And, they STILL got a lot out of the speakers. In fact, I'd say that the whole thing energized them. Er, me. Yeah, I have ADD issues. Now, that doesn't make me a great multi-tasker for much of my work and day-to-day living. But, having interesting information flying around from different sources is fun and exciting.

So, here's what I wonder:
- Does being able to instantly look up, try out, have instant electronic side information, see others' notes, etc. help ADDers stay engaged and enhance their learning?
- Were any of those other ADD-types as tired last night as I was?