Just Who is Googling Me? And Why?

I still feel like a newbie to this whole blogging thing. I'm not even sure I'm saying anything of use to people. Feel free to weigh in on that, by the way. I'm open to hearing what you want to know. If I think I can write about it, I will. Soon I'll be blogging more about brand, marketing, and design on another blog. I don't know the address yet. As soon as I do, I'll share it.

Anyway, after attending BlogIndiana about six weeks ago, I set up Google Analytics so I'd have some way of monitoring my blog activity. I have been surprised to see my name "nila nealy" show up in the terms that people search.

As a brand strategist, I'm well aware that where and how my name shows up contributes to the formation of my personal brand - my public identity, if you will. First page Google results on my name show this blog called The Human Condition and my involvement with SmallerIndiana, IndyGreen, MarketingProfs, Business Marketing Association, and Twitter - and my old profile at an old version of the Element Three website. I think I like the picture that paints.

I'm wondering who is Googling me and why. When people land on this blog, do they find out what they want to know? What else do they find? How about you? When people Google your name, what do they learn about you?