Procrastination - My Enemy, My Self

I'm working on a big project and I can't seem to get myself to stay focused on it long enough to make good progress. I've thought through a number of reasons. Maybe it's because my days have been chopped up into little segments. Or perhaps it's that I'm anticipating getting interrupted (it happens a lot). Or could it be that I've been pushing myself pretty hard for weeks on end, juggling the multiple demands or work and family? Maybe I'm just not interested in the project. Maybe I've lost passion for what I do. I mused on these and other possible causes of my procrastination. Then it hit me. Fear.

Fear? Of what? Rejection.

The realization itself is freeing. Yesterday, as soon as I wrote the paragraph above, I was able to dive in head first and face the project. I started working for myself and how I'd feel about the outcome, not some imagined rejection. As of this morning, I was quite happy with where I am and free of the dark cloud that was hanging around me.

Here's what I wonder: Is a certain personality type more inclined to this fear of rejection and the subsequent procrastination? What are the characteristics of a project or a job that might set one up for procrastination? Did I just stumble on some well-known technique to overcoming writer's block (or other creative blocks)?