Where Do You Fit Politically? 6 Quizzes

When I was a child, I thought I was a Republican because my parents were. As I've grown and matured, my own views have emerged and changed how I see myself. Of course, I'm never quite sure what political label should be slapped on me (some might say I just need to be slapped). You know I love a good type quiz. The various political quizzes out there entertain me and, in some ways, help me frame my own political foundation. Here are a handful for your own entertainment and edification.
  1. The Political Typology quiz from the Pew Research Center helps answer "where do you fit?" and gives interesting statistical information on several groups.
  2. In a post back in November 2006, I showed my results for The Political Compass™. This quiz does not originate in the U.S. and offers a more global perspective, showing how you match up with historic figures.
  3. Also, I showed my political profile according to the How Liberal or Conservative Are You Quiz from BlogThings.com. The results break down your score into five categories.
  4. The SelectSmart.com® Presidential Candidate Selector asks as series of questions and then shows how you match with presidential candidates (from the primary season as well as a few theoretical candidates).
  5. Advocates for Self Government (representing Libertarians) at advocates.com has, as they say, the World's Smallest Political Quiz. The results are similar to the Political Compass in that it shows the results on a matrix that takes into account social and economic issues on separate spectra. It also gives a good amount of data on the five divisions they offer complete with resources for learning more and getting involved.
  6. The Political Philosophy Quiz is developed by someone who took at look at the others and thought it could be done better. It measures, I think, 4 dimensions.
Here's what I wonder: Are any of these completely accurate? In any of these quizzes, is the language biased enough to cause confusion in answering? Do people assume their own "political label" based on their family's and friends' opinions without considering their own? What label do you give yourself?