I Have Ringxiety!

Lately, I've been feeling my iPhone vibrate in my pocket or hearing it ring when it is neither vibrating nor ringing. Seriously. I thought I was going nuts, so I did a little Google search.

Turns out I am sort of going nuts. I'm way behind the times on this one (no shock). I saw a number of articles that call it "phantom ring" or "ringxiety." It seems I've found a new and exciting way to express anxiety. Cool.

I feel a bit comforted that I'm not alone. Apparently 67% of us have become so dependent on our communications devices that we have an intense expectation that they'll buzz, ring, sing, whatever at any given moment. That expectation causes our brains to fire out signals to satisfy the need. Thus the phantom ring or vibration. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Want to know more? Check out The New York Times.

Here's what I wonder: How many of you are experiencing ringxiety? How the heck do we all get over it?