Celebrating - Indy Urgent Care

Yesterday I was feeling so awful that I drove myself to a retail strip immediate care center on Indianapolis' northwest side. I've been to this particular center three times over the last few years. I just have to stand up and give these people a huge round of applause.

First of all, from a business perspective, they are completely buttoned up. But more than that, without exception, every individual there is a good bedside manner poster child. I interacted with six people and every single one of them showed genuine care for me and my two children whom I towed along. I can't express strongly enough how it felt like their work was far more than a job to them.

Dr. Kardatzke, whom I'd seen before, (the medical director) was very funny and incredibly thorough and efficient (not rushed). He listened to every word I said, took into account my own thoughts, efficiently made a diagnosis that wasn't just a pigeon-hole for insurance purposes, and asked me if there is anything else going on. I mentioned one other thing that was hardly at the top of my list and he was extremely helpful on that count, too. And, oh, he included my kids in the whole conversation, keeping them engaged with appropriate humor.

Without hesitation, I recommend Indy Urgent Care at 3479 West 86th Street, near 86th and Michigan in Indianapolis. It's in the same general area as Wal-mart and Lowes Theater.

Be well!