Giving Thanks

All our Thanksgiving plans changed. Two of six family members aren't feeling so swift. One of them is me. The cook. So, we've punted. So, in lieu of sitting at the table saying what I'm thankful for - and really only skimming the top anyway - here's a sampling in writing.

I'm grateful for my daughter's angelic voice. I just heard her singing to herself some sweet little song she's made up. It isn't just her singing voice either. A few years back I was wheeling her around (in a rare moment of her actually sitting in a cart) a Kohl's store. She was babbling on about everything she saw. Another shopper leaned out of an aisle and said, "she has the cutest voice I've ever heard. If you could bottle it, I'd buy it."

I'm thankful for my son's quiet wit. It's lightening fast and if you aren't listening for his near-whisper, you'll miss the sheer comedy of living with him.

I'm filled with gratitude for the empathy and thoughtfulness both of my children show. I've been somewhat ill for the past 11 days. In that time, they have not complained about being bored or having to cancel plans. They have, in fact, risen to the occasion with extra cleaning, cooking, bringing me drinks, carrying my things around the house and sitting very patiently in the doctor's office with me.

And, I'm thankful for my husband who has tolerated and even encouraged my wandering mind since 1985 (18 of those years in marriage).