The Human Condition - Why?

When I named this blog, I didn't really have a strong concept of what I'd be writing about. I just knew that through my eyes the world is a series of experiences that reveals the human condition. I thought I'd write about those experiences. And, for the most part I have. Still, I often question if my title "The Human Condition" isn't just a bit lofty, maybe more academic than the actual content.

So this morning I was reading about my psychological type (because I share it with someone I am counseling) in Looking at Type®: THE FUNDAMENTALS and ran across this passage:
"INFPs may be strongly attracted to, and enjoy experiencing, the human condition in all its joys and sadnesses..."
There it is. Wow. I got this book after I named this blog. I love the synchronicity of it. So, it stands as is, my title. I'll continue to let the experiences unfold.

What I wonder: What do you want to hear from me? While my blog is for me as an experiment in written expression, I still want to know that maybe I'm having some sort of impact and that I'm connecting with people. So, how can I make this blog worthwhile for you? Please comment or email me.