Open Challenge: Exchange Hectic for Self-Care

When I was at the doctor's office again this week, I asked the physician's assistant how he stays healthy being around sick people all the time. He answered, "I get adequate rest, focus on proper nutrition, exercise and take a multivitamin and extra vitamin C." Thank goodness he had his back to me and didn't see the giant g-g-gulp I took. Going down his list, I couldn't say "check" to one of the items. That got me thinking.

I've joked about being a Petri dish. And, I've lingered for a moment on the thought that my immune system is simply challenged right now. Today, I gave longer pause to that thought. Is my mostly self-induced hectic pace of life wearing me out?

I have the givens: work, parenting, housekeeping. That keeps all of us busy. But, even when I have "down time" I seem driven to at least feel productive, i.e. busy. How many hours do I stay curled up in this chair chasing thoughts down virtual rabbit holes, planning and re-planning my work, and frantically checking my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts? I dare say, rather embarrassed, it is at least a few hours a day. Just imagine what I could do if I invested just a quarter of that time in meditation or yoga or doing whatever it is one does on an elliptical machine? And what if I made different choices about what I eat? Or maybe took just a single 500mg tablet of Vitamin C every day? I'm not talking perfection here. Just a little better. I'm curious.

This time of year can get even more hectic than normal. Added to the list of givens are news about economic anxiety, holiday get-togethers, next year business planning, shopping, loads of tasty (but crap) food, and so on. Wouldn't it be nice to exchange a little of the hectic for some self-care?

I'm issuing a challenge to myself and anyone else who wants to join me. For tomorrow and the month of December, do more of the good-for-you-stuff and when we get to New Year's Eve, let's look back over the month and compare notes. There's no need to wait until January 1 for resolutions. Let's just start now. Today.

I'll start this way, following my health professional's lead:
  • 7.5-8 hours of sleep every day
  • Ask myself before I eat something, "is this healing?"
  • Eat more fresh fruit
  • Exercise in some way most days in the week
  • Get back on the supplements
  • And my own additions...
  • Daily meditation
  • Quality time with good books
I refuse to make this stressful. Therefore, I reserve the right to change this plan. The bottom line is to go away from stress-inducing things and toward stress-reducing things. Got it?

Want to join me? Add your plan via comment or send to me via email. And we'll figure out how to support one another.