Reflecting on Winter and Transition

I believe it is a cruel irony that, due to the convention of the modern calendar, business planning coincides with the doldrums of winter when some of us experience what is officially known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. As an employee of a changing - and hopefully growing - company, it can be difficult to ride along with the uncertainty and annual "let's try this and hope it sticks" parade while also doing time with the Demons of Winter Blues. Just like the launch of personal resolutions, the business world shoots out of the gate on January 2nd, rushing headlong into a chaotic tango that eventually winds down sometime between January 15th and April 15th into a hybrid of all the hopes for the future and the habits of the past.

There it is – the reality to keep in perspective as I step foot back into the office on Friday. Things will settle a bit. They always do. (And I can only control what I can control.

In some ways the "new year" is an artificial demarcation of transition. All-in-all, the vast majority of humanity will look the same tomorrow as today. Still, the calendar convention gives us a signal to reflect and recharge. So, let's go with it.

I hope that you have taken the time to reflect on 2008 and all that you have accomplished. I guarantee you did much more than you remember at this moment in time. Go ahead and congratulate yourself. While you're at it, set some intentions for 2009. I'm not necessarily talking about resolutions - just a theme or two. Or maybe a point of view for viewing everything in the coming year. Write all that down and put it in a file to review this same time next year. Then let's meet back here and talk about it. Okay?

Happy New Year!

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Hanspeter Klasser