'Tis the Season, Part II: My Attitude Gets a Facelift

It's Tuesday, December 16 now and I've managed to pull myself into the spirit of things. We saw Polar Express at the Indiana State Museum's IMAX theater on Saturday. A friend who was first a client 15 years ago arranged for us to meet there with some other mutual friends. Afterward we went to dinner. The movie was packed with people of all ages yet, even during the quietest moments of the film, not a sound could be heard. Everyone was mesmerized. After dinner, we put up the tree (though we haven't decorated it yet) and on Sunday, my daughter and I donned Santa hats and went out looking for just the right special gifts for some of our dearest family and friends. It's fair to say that I've slid closer to the other end of the Cheer-Humbug scale.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Winter Solstice! Joyful Whatever-You-Choose-to-Celebrate!