Thank You. Now Get To Work.

I really just want to thank everyone who voted for Barack Obama in November. You gave me the opportunity to witness an important bit of American history. You set it up so I could sit in a little cafe huddled around a television with men and women, white and black who listened attentively to a speech that wasn't about lofty platitudes, but more about the hard work that we all have to do to repair the fabric of our country while supporting the repair of our nation's reputation in the world. You made it possible for me to watch and shed a few tears of joy as I watched Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

And while I'm thanking people, I want to thank George W. Bush for doing what he thought was right for his country. I can't be called a Bush supporter by any stretch of the imagination. What he thought was right for the country and what I think are two different things entirely. And still I understand the enormity of the job of the President of the United States. I hope that today is a day filled with rest, relief and joy for number 43.

Now I have to go back to work. It hit me this morning that the research I need to do for a communications campaign is important. What I find and recommend could make a difference for this client, helping them to maintain business at the very least. The connection? What I do in my job can affect the jobs of not only my direct contacts, but also their employees down to the plant floor. Think about it: how does your action connect with the people in our economy?