Trust, Revisited

Over the last month and even as I type, I've been dealing with an issue of broken trust. Working through this incident (series of incidents, really) has brought me face to face with my own trust issues again. This time I am able to see that I betrayed my own heart and soul in my haste to give trust to someone else. I'm apparently bound to repeat this lesson until I learn that I'm fully equipped to act in my own best interests without bringing to truth whatever fear is lurking in the dark parts of me.

Here's the other thing I've realized. I cannot put the full burden of responsibility to repair the broken trust on the other person. Whether with family, friends, or business relationships, it appears the journey starts with trusting oneself. Maybe I need to decide if there would be benefit in continuing the relationship. And then if there is, be clear on what boundaries we'll have and what actions I will and won't tolerate - both my own and theirs.

By the way, I won't go into the background story about the incident that has prompted this post. I'm not in to the eye-for-an-eye thing. It's just not necessary.