Indiana Humanities Council and The Human Condition

I picked the name for this blog, The Human Condition, because it sums up what seems to make my mind twist and turn the most – the observation and understanding of people as individuals and within the systems of their families, work, communities and cultures; the influence of behaviors and beliefs of those individuals and communities; and how psychology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, religion, and the arts intertwine with and become a lens for human existence. Mouthful, huh? But seriously, that's what makes me happy, happy, happy.

On Twitter today, I discovered @INHumanities. The account profile says, "Connects people, opens minds and enriches lives by creating and facilitating programs that encourage people to read, think and talk." Well, now, how do I sign up to be a part of that? So I clicked through to the website for The Indiana Humanities Council. You know, I'd heard the name before but hadn't given it too much thought.

There it was on their about page, not once, but twice the term the human condition. Specifically I saw it in the mission: "The Indiana Humanities Council celebrates, encourages and facilitates the thinking that leads to innovation and action. As a convener, leader and partner, the Council supports the sharing of ideas, promotes the public humanities and engages Indiana’s community of minds to examine and improve the human condition."

I saw my blog's title again later in the page under the heading "What are 'the humanities?'": "Often grouped as the fields of history, literature, philosophy and other related disciplines, 'the humanities' are not a thing, but a process for pursuing truths about the shared human condition. They inspire, engage and enrich us, allowing us to remember our past, envision our future and consider ourselves as individuals and as members of communities. In essence, the humanities are the study of, participation in and sharing of the things humans make and the things that make us human."

Very cool.

Reading a bit more, I learned that someone I saw in passing earlier today is the president and CEO of the Indiana Humanities Council.

Hmm...seems I should be investigating this organization and how I might be involved.

Sometimes I can be a little slow. I'm embarrassed to be just now coming up to speed on this one.