Giving Thanks

Today, my post is part of a larger movement being billed as #tweetsgiving on Twitter, an effort to raise awareness and generate funds for Epic Change. Learn more or consider a donation. "Last year, Epic Change, with only a #hashtag and accepting donations online in a 48 hour period, raised over $10,000 for a school in Tanzania. Tweetsgiving 2009 will go partly to create a dormitory/orphanage, library, school, cafeteria and additional classrooms are needed in partnership with Kamptoni in Tanzania. The other portion will go towards funded future change makers and social entrepreneurs in less fortunate conditions."

When Thanksgiving rolls around, I can get caught up in all the shoulds and have tos. The shopping, the meal, the cleaning, how to say no to some people and accommodate others. Then someone will say something that reminds me this holiday is about gratitude.

I’m most thankful for my supportive, understanding husband of 19 years and our two funny, bright children who are now, much to my amazement, 11 and 9. And across my lifetime there have been numerous other people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude, from my parents and siblings to friends and teachers. I’d name them here, but it would take far too long. The best “things” in my life are definitely people. Having said that...

This year in particular, I’m grateful for:
  • Job skills that don’t rely on an employer. I love being my own employer. I have lots of flaws, but overall, I think I’m a pretty decent leader, even if I’m only leading myself and the dog most days.
  • Books. Yeah, those bound paper objects that authors, editors and publishers have labored over so that I may be inspired, entertained or otherwise edified. I love books so much that I call my home work space "the library."
  • Pets. I’ve rediscovered my old dog. She’s become a big part of my daily life.
  • Coffee shops, free wireless and iced green (or white) tea. I’ve had a lot of fun working alone but not alone. While we’re at it, how about social media in general? I’ve connected with some of the nicest, most genuine people using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And I’ve seen many of them in person. In coffee shops.
  • The bizarre system of allergy shots, food avoidance, strange diet, supplements, medication, stress reduction and on and on that has helped me feel way better and lose over 60 pounds. I have my moments of weakness (mmmmm, chocolate) but overall, I’ve found it very livable.
Looking back at that, it really comes down to people, work, connectivity, health, animals and learning. Yeah, that seems about right.

I'm grateful to you, reader, for witnessing my little life here on Earth and for caring what I have to say. May your Thanksgiving be filled with gratitude.


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