Bagging Behavior - BYOBags

Just an observation here, for what it's worth, which may be nothing...

I've been noticing people using their own reusable bags at stores, something I rarely saw even a few years ago. Here's how I've seen the behavior break down by store.
  • Target – A lot of people (half?) at the SuperTarget I go to regularly are using reusable bags. There has been a swift upward swing in BYOBags at Target.
  • Meijer – I never see anyone reuse bags there.
  • Wal-mart – a few bring their own. (Can't say I go there too often, either, so my observations here are weak.)
  • Whole Foods - Most of their shoppers use their own. A few leave with brown paper bags from the store.
  • Trader Joe's – At least half of the people reuse. The alternative is brown paper bags from the store.
Do you notice any kind of pattern relating to store brand? Based on purely my own observations, the stores with progressive brands seem to attract people who bring their own bags. These are the cool, designer-y, "I'm a Mac" stores. The more practical, traditional stores ("I'm a PC") don't.

Also, unless I've missed something, Meijer and Wal-mart don't offer a bag credit for using your own bags. I haven't received such a credit, at least. Target and Whole Foods offer a bag credit of about 5 cents per bag to use your own. I think Trader Joe's offers some sort of incentive. I used to get a ticket for every bag I used to enter a weekly raffle.

These stores are all relatively close to one another, by the way. So, I've ruled out geography as a factor. Being that my observations are limited to the stores I visit...well, let me just reinforce the completely unscientific nature of my observations.

Oh, one more...Aldi. They have always required you either pay for bags or use your own. I'm still surprised to see people buy bags there. I've been known to load my trunk with loose items when I forget my bags. (I know. I'm a dork.)

You've probably figure out by now, I take my own reusable bags to the store. Not just the grocery store where I finally remember them every time, but I also take them to clothing stores, bookstores, shoe stores, etc. There I need a little more practice before it's a habit.

That's it. No lesson. Just my reported observations. Any thoughts on BYOBags?