Clearing Some Space

I'm in the middle of cleaning and decluttering my workspace (my library, as I like to call it). It's by no means a wreck in here. I keep my space generally tidy, but little things do build up, odds and ends get ever so slightly out of place. I've learned over time that this physical state relates closely to my mental state. I've been functioning fine, yet I feel just a little bit of built up mental residue and perhaps a few misplaced thoughts. Almost magically, cleaning the physical space also cleanses my mental space.

Yeah I know this sounds a little woo woo, but I'm betting somewhere someone could put some science to this phenomenon. And I know it's not just me. I've heard other people talk about this type of clearing activity and effect.

I think that while I'm clearing out the junk and putting things in place, my brain is working in the background on other things that have puzzled me in some way, that somehow the neural connections being made by the moving about of objects helps open up other pathways. Maybe because I'm physically moving to make changes in my external environment I use a different part of my brain than I'm typically using when I'm consciously working on a project or solving a family issue. I'd research this now and give you some links, but I'm not all cleared up yet since I took a break to write this post. I want to focus on this clearing. I'm really looking forward to that ahhhhhh that I just know I'll feel in about another hour.

P.S. I know it's been something like forever since I posted. I'm back.