Some Things I Just Won't Share

Think Kit Day 7 prompt:

What do you want your life (or your kitchen, your job, your ______) to look like? Create your own inspiration board.

A few years ago for the third or fourth time, I did the thing where I go through magazines cutting out words and images that speak to me. This particular time, instead of arranging them onto a single board, I used a blank 8-page saddle-stitched brochure dummy* I had lying around to make an "inspiration book." In my mind, I was creating a book that would show a little essence-of-Nila and how I'd like that to show up in the world – kind of like a mood board that we might present in a brand project. When I was feeling a little scattered, my thinking went, I could pull out the book and get back to center.

I like the words and images enough that I do look through the book now and then. And when I'm in a funk, I'll open up a spread and leave it out where I can see it.

But (oh, there it is) I'm not going to show you.

This book is so intensely personal that I don't care to share it publicly, either in pictures or words. Sorry. I almost did it. But I can't. If you're a good friend, and you want to see, I'll share it with you over tea, okay?

Theme forming across these Think Kit posts: I'm only sharing so much. Even though I want to share and have community and express myself and that fantastic stuff, I'm very much afraid to be more than my private self in this public venue. Please forgive me.

*Apologies for the jargon. The dormant print designer in me comes out to play from time to time.